Best Wall Mounted Fans for Outdoor

10. Holmes wall mounted fan
Hurricane Clip Fan
First of all, I will introduce the classic Holmes wall mount fans that use rotary knobs or pull cord controls. There are three speed settings for blade diameter of 16 inches wide and wide coverage. It is quiet and energy-efficient. The structure of metal frame is very high quality, strong and durable. In addition, installing wall-mounted hardware makes installation easier.

9. MaxxAir Wall Mount Fan

This 18-inch wall mount fan is a fully sealed dustproof fan that uses high-energy PSC motors of 120 Volts, 60 Hz, and 0.7 Amps. It comes in 3 speed pull chains, heavy duty bar, and powder coated steel construction. And its head is inclined 180 degrees. With clean power cord, this fan is suitable for various uses. And because it is dust-proof, it is ideal for use in a barn to keep animals cool.

8. Lasko Metal Products Wall Fans

Our other recommendation is this Lakso wall mount fan. It uses classical rotary and pull-cord control for easy temperature adjustment. It is quiet and even at the lowest speed setting gives a fairly good air circulation. Assembling is easy because the grill snaps together easily. Even if your table space is limited, if you need a little air circulation, why not purchase this amazing 12 inch wall fan?

7. Air king Industrial grade wall hanging fans

Next, it is one of the best fans attached to Air King 's 20 inch powder - coated metal blade wall. It has three speed options and a fully confined ball bearing motor. Adjust the fans vertically and horizontally by hand. On the positive side, like the intermediate quality fans sold in the market, we do not blow off the walls. And installation takes only a few minutes.

6. Laurel Wall Mount Fan

Although it seems to be minimal, it is a powerful wall fans of 16-inch blades and single pull chain switches. Fans that provide three speed settings are flexible according to different temperature conditions. Featuring a vibrating adjustable tilt head, this fan can be tilted about 15 degrees, about 30 degrees, about 35 degrees. It is also possible to lock the fan at any position in the tilting / rotation range. In this price range, this is a conspicuous purchase! Best Wall Mounted Fans for Outdoor